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You searched for months for the perfect slate grey paint for your living room and finally found it. Now you need to do some touching up after your budding Picasso took crayon to your walls, but you can’t find the right paint can in the disorganized stack of cans in your garage. It’s impossible to figure out which paint goes in which room. So many finishes, so many cans -- why are there five different shades of grey here?

What’s That Paint? labels came out of our own frustrating experience. We were touching up our house and ended up with the wrong paint on all of the wrong walls. Our light bulb moment: we needed a label to organize our paint cans. Now, with our fill-in-the blank paint can labels, it is easy to know exactly which paints go where. And people love them.

Deanna Seery / Founder

Deanna is an attorney and mom who appreciates the need to be efficient and organized. But keeping a garage full of paint cans under control?! That wasn’t a priority until a simple touch-up job became a painting nightmare, and “What’s That Paint?” paint can labels were born. Deanna is currently developing additional organization products to simplify busy lives. A Colorado native, she now lives in Summerlin, Nevada with her family.

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What’s That Paint? Labels

Your must-have paint accessory and the perfect gift for anyone who is moving in to a new home or office!

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Fill-in-the-Blank Combo Pack

Package includes 6 assorted paint can labels with easy to use self-adhesive backing (two 5” gallon paint can labels, two 3” quart paint can labels and two 2 3/8” pint & half pint paint can labels). Made in the USA.



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